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Unlock endless opportunities with 13,000+ products across 21 Global Markets


invest in stocks and stocks CFDs with CFI

Tesla, Google, Amazon? They all ring a bell. Trade thousands of US, UK, and EU stocks from one single interface


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Join the mainstream revolution and trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many more


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See how the world’s economies react with access to major, minor and exotic currencies from around the globe


invest in indices CFDs with CFI

You have more than one stock in mind? Not to worry, CFI offers you a variety of indices that would give you the broad exposure you’re looking for


invest in commodities with CFI

Looking to hedge against economic uncertainties or maybe expecting an increase in the price of Oil? Discover low-cost trading on Gold, Oil, and other key commodities

exchange traded funds (ETFs)

trade ETFs with CFI

One of the most customizable ways to trade. Explore our range of simple and complex funds and invest towards the future

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