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What is Indices

Indices are versatile products that provide you with exposure to a number of stocks that could represent the biggest companies of a country, an entire exchange, a market sector, or even the health of an entire economy. CFI’s offering includes several indices spanning the US, Europe, and Asia, allowing you to create a diversified portfolio without the need to screen, analyze and invest or trade specific companies. The volatility and flexibility associated with Index trading have been a favorite among many traders, especially given their specific trading hours which cater to traders around the world.

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Our charges are usually incorporated in the spread for most instruments that we offer. At CFI, we are connected to several liquidity providers and exchanges and offering competitive trading conditions is something we take very seriously. We are constantly working to provide even lower spreads and with recent advances in technology and deep enough liquidity, our efforts continue to translate into reality.

Target Spreads

The Spread is the difference between the ‘bid price’ and the ‘offer price’. The bid price is where the investor can sell a position and the offer price is where the investor can buy a position. Given that markets are all about supply and demand, the more liquid and active a product is, the smaller the spread between the buying and selling price thus, making it a more competitive option for traders.


Target Spreads*
Zero Commission Account
Target Spreads*
Dynamic Trader Account
Target spreads for the Major Indices, *The pricing is for indicative purposes only. Spreads and Commissions may vary based on your account type. Please  click here  to see more about our charges.
Target Spread for the major Forex pairs.Trading Hours from 00:05 to 23:55 GMT+3 Time

Competitive Swaps

Swaps, also known as rollovers, are interest rate amounts charged or earned for holding a buy or sell position overnight. The calculation takes into consideration the interest rate differential between two currencies (each currency has its own interest rate). Swaps are also applicable on Currencies and vary for several reasons, including overnight interest rates. Swap free accounts are also available.



A dividend is the distribution of corporate earnings to eligible shareholders. Cash Indices are subject to dividend adjustments when a constituent member of an index pays Dividends to its Shareholders, dividend adjustments will be applied to accounts of clients holding a position on the ex-Dividend Date.


Long Positions (Buy)– Clients holding long positions on the ex-div date will receive a dividend in the form of a cash adjustment (deposit).

Short Positions (Sell)– Clients holding short positions on the ex-div date will be charged the dividend amount in the form of a cash adjustment (withdrawal)


Upcoming dividends

Expected dividend adjustments stated in full index points per 1 Index, therefore numbers should be multiplied as per the contract size and point value of each Index. Figures stated are forecast amounts The final adjustment may differ from the forecast amount previously displayed.
  27-11-2023 28-11-2023 29-11-2023 30-11-2023 01-12-2023
Instrument Dividends
in points
in points
in points
in points
in points
AUS200_SPOT “AUS 200” 0 0 0.841 0.864 0
CA60_SPOT “Canada 60” 0 0 0 0 0
CAC40_SPOT “CAC 40” 0 0 0 0 0
CH20_SPOT “Switzerland 20” 0 0 0 0 0
EUR50_SPOT “EURO STOXX 50” 0 0 0 0 0
GER30_SPOT “DAX 40” 0 0 0 0 0
HKD50_SPOT “Hang Seng 50” 0 1.026 1.564 0.867 0
IBEX35_SPOT “Spain 35” 0 0 0 0 0
IT40_SPOT “Italy 40” 0 0 0 0 0
JPN225_SPOT “Nikkei 225” 0 0 0 0 0
NL25_SPOT “Netherlands 25” 0 0 0 0 0
NO25_SPOT “Norway 25” 0 0 0 0 0
SA40_SPOT “South Africa 40” 0 0 0 0 0
UK100_SPOT “FTSE 100” 0 0 0 1.514 0
US100_SPOT “Nasdaq 100” 0 0.066 1.42 3.993 0.547
US2000_SPOT “Russell 2000” 0.053 0.07 0.23 0.747 0.049
US30_SPOT “Dow Jones 30” 0 0 36.513 14.038 14.829
US500_SPOT “S&P 500” 0.078 0.015 0.788 1.377 0.387
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Indices Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Indices measure the price performance of a group of shares found on an exchange. For example, the S&P 500 tracks the 500 biggest companies in the US in terms of market value.

  • Most global indices are calculated based on market cap, meaning that the companies with a larger market cap tend to have more influence on the price of the index compared to smaller ones. Other calculation methods exist such as the price-weighted approach of the Dow Jones, allowing stocks with a higher price to have more influence.

  • The most popular and most traded ones are the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the German Dax, the Nasdaq 100, the FTSE 100, and the S&P 500. Other heavily traded indices include the Japanese Nikkei, the Hang Seng, and the European Euro Stoxx.

  • The price of indices is affected by a range of factors such as:
    ● Economic releases and central bank policies
    ● Geopolitical tension
    ● Company events (earnings, corporate actions, etc…)
    ● Currency fluctuations

  • CFI offers CFDs on Indices which allows you to trade with leverage and without owning the actual index and its constituents. You can freely go long or short and with no restrictions. Other derivatives exist and include futures, options, and ETFs.

  • With CFI, you can trade 0.01 lots or 1% of the typical size of a contract. This allows you for greater flexibility when trading or investing.

  • Each index has a set of trading hours although most of them trade for the majority of the day. Please refer to our Indices page here .

  • Some indices can be very volatile, posting large price movements on a daily basis. For example, the Dow Jones has occasionally moved over 1000 points in a single day, making it a rather volatile and fast-moving product.

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