Trading involves a high risk to the invested capital. Understand all risk before investing


ETF’s, also known as exchange traded funds, are trading products made up of a collection of different securities such as stocks or bonds and at times, a mixture of different asset classes. They trade just like regular stocks, they have very low expense ratios and commissions are relatively similar to that of stocks in general, making them a very appealing product for investors and traders looking to invest in a collection of securities or one or more asset classes at once without buying the actual stock/commodity or future contracts on it.
One thing to note is that ETF’s can be bought and sold with ease and just like regular stocks and offer the ability to create a diversified portfolio without the hassle of holding hundreds of stocks.
Why ETFs
We focus on where we can help clients research and trade new asset classes. ETFs offer an affordable way to build a diversified portfolio. They are simple to trade since the transactions take place, much like stocks, on regulated exchanges. ETFs can be traded on margin, have no short-selling restrictions, and provide intraday trading opportunities and plenty of liquidity.
Exchange traded funds have many features that make them ideal instruments for beginners & professional traders and investors. Some ETF trading strategies include dollar-cost averaging, asset allocation, swing trading, sector rotation, short selling, seasonal trends, and hedging.
Why ETFs with CFI?
  • Global trading provider with over 22 years of experience
  • Zero extra commissions per share ( please click here to see more about our charges ) and only 4$ per round trade
  • Always the same powerful trading infrastructure with low latency, ultra-fast execution
  • Low spreads across the board
  • Wide range of ETF’s including Equity funds, commodity funds, fixed income and mixed allocation funds
  • Trade them directly on Metatrader 5. Available on desktop/laptop, iOS, Android and any web browser
All you need to know about CFI ETFs Specification:
The margin on CFDs on ETF’s is around 10% for most products. This allows you to control a larger position with a smaller amount of money and is useful as some ETFs can be quite expensive on a single basis. Nonetheless, CFI’s Standard Terms of Business states that margins may be changed at any time without prior notice.
Spreads are variable but highly competitive and are built around a strong liquidity model that mimics the spreads of the actual exchange. Furthermore, not only the spreads are identical but the entire trading environment is very similar to that of the exchange.
Swaps, also known as rollovers, are interest rate amounts charged for holding a buy or sell position overnight. The calculation takes into consideration the extra margin used to hold your position.
There are no commissions on CFDs on ETFs.
Trading Hours
Trading hours are from 16:31 till 22:59 (GMT +3) and take place on Monday till Friday of every week.
Trading example
After recent news from technology Sector, you feel that recent innovations are likely to bring many advantages to end users and could make everyone’s lives easier. You decide to purchase 100 shares of the iShares Global Tech ETF (Ticker: IXN.ETF) seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of global equities in the technology sector. (Ticker: IXN.ETF) at $260.00/ETF, with the total value of your trade $26,000 (260 x 100).
IXN.ETF’s price moves higher over the next few weeks and is now trading at $272/ETF, you decide to sell at the mentioned price. Your total gains/losses amount to: $260 – $272 = $12/per ETF. Since you own 100 ETFs, your total gain is $12 x 100 = $1,200.
Please note the above example is hypothetical in nature and does not necessarily reflect real conditions.
List of available ETF's
SymbolDescriptionCurrencySwap (Long)Swap (Short)
GLD.ETFSPDR Gold SharesUSD-3.05-3.16
IAU.ETFiShares Gold Trust (US)USD-3.05-3.16
PALL.ETFETFS Physical Palladium SharesUSD-3.05-24.2
PPLT.ETFETFS Physical Platinum SharesUSD-3.05-4.77
SLV.ETFiShares Silver TrustUSD-3.05-3.16
UNG.ETFUnited States Natural Gas Fund LPUSD-3.05-4.72
USO.ETFUnited States Oil Fund LPUSD-3.05-3.97
ASHR.ETFDeutsche X-trackers Harvest CSI 300 China A-Shares ETFUSD-3.05-10.12
BOTZ.ETFGlobal X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETFUSD-3.05-3.39
DIA.ETFSPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF TrustUSD-3.05-3.16
EEM.ETFiShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
EWG.ETFiShares MSCI Germany ETFUSD-3.05-5.87
EWH.ETFiShares MSCI Hong Kong ETFUSD-3.05-4.08
EWJ.ETFiShares MSCI Japan ETF (USD)USD-3.05-3.16
EWT.ETFiShares MSCI Taiwan ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
EWY.ETFiShares MSCI South Korea Capped ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
EWZ.ETFiShares MSCI Brazil Capped ETFUSD-3.05-3.28
EXI.ETFiShares Global Industrials ETFUSD-3.05-4.66
EZU.ETFiShares MSCI EMU ETFUSD-3.05-6.56
FXI.ETFiShares China Large-Cap ETFUSD-3.05-5.29
FXN.ETFFirst Trust Energy AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-8.8
GDX.ETFVaneck Vectors Gold Miners ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
GDXJ.ETFVaneck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
IBB.ETFiShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETFUSD-3.05-4.26
IEMG.ETFiShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
IGF.ETFiShares Global Infrastructure ETFUSD-3.05-5.58
IJR.ETFiShares Core S&P Small-Cap ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
ITB.ETFiShares U.S. Home Construction ETFUSD-3.05-3.74
IVV.ETFiShares Core S&P 500 ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
IWM.ETFiShares Russell 2000 ETFUSD-3.05-3.85
IXC.ETFiShares Global Energy ETFUSD-3.05-3.74
IXG.ETFiShares Global Financials ETFUSD-3.05-4.83
IXJ.ETFiShares Global Healthcare ETFUSD-3.05-9.1
IXN.ETFiShares Global Tech ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
IXP.ETFiShares Global Telecom ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
IYR.ETFiShares US Real Estate ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
JXI.ETFiShares Global Utilities ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
KRE.ETFSPDR S&P Regional Banking ETFUSD-3.05-4.14
KSA.ETFiShares MSCI Saudi Arabia Capped ETFUSD-3.05-3.74
KXI.ETFiShares Global Consumer Staples ETFUSD-3.05-6.79
LIT.ETFGlobal X Lithium & Battery Tech ETFUSD-3.05-4.72
MCHI.ETFiShares MSCI China ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
MGC.ETFVanguard Mega Cap ETFUSD-3.05-3.57
MXI.ETFiShares Global Materials ETFUSD-3.05-5.29
PFF.ETFiShares US Preferred Stock ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
QQQ.ETFInvesco QQQ Trust Series 1USD-3.05-3.16
RXI.ETFiShares Global Consumer Discretionary ETFUSD-3.05-5.41
SCHF.ETFSchwab International Equity ETFUSD-3.05-5.46
SIL.ETFGlobal X Silver Miners ETFUSD-3.05-11.04
SPY.ETFSPDR S&P 500 ETF TrustUSD-3.05-3.16
USMV.ETFiShares Edge MSCI USA Minimum Volatility ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
VAW.ETFVanguard Materials ETFUSD-3.05-5.46
VEA.ETFVanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
VEU.ETFVanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
VFH.ETFVanguard Financials ETFUSD-3.05-6.1
VGK.ETFVanguard FTSE Europe ETFUSD-3.05-3.45
VNQ.ETFVanguard REIT ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
VO.ETFVanguard Mid-Cap ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
VOO.ETFVanguard S&P 500 ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
VT.ETFVanguard Total World Stock ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
VTI.ETFVanguard Total Stock Market ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
VUG.ETFVanguard Growth ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
VV.ETFVanguard Large-Cap ETFUSD-3.05-5.18
VWO.ETFVanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
VXUS.ETFVanguard Total International Stock ETFUSD-3.05-4.2
VYM.ETFVanguard High Dividend Yield ETFUSD-3.05-3.57
XLB.ETFMaterials Select Sector SPDR FundUSD-3.05-3.16
XLC.ETFCommunication Services Select Sector SPDR FundUSD-3.05-3.16
XLE.ETFEnergy Select Sector SPDR FundUSD-3.05-3.16
XLF.ETFFinancial Select Sector SPDR FundUSD-3.05-3.16
XLI.ETFIndustrial Select Sector SPDR FundUSD-3.05-3.16
XLK.ETFTechnology Select Sector SPDR FundUSD-3.05-3.16
XLP.ETFConsumer Staples Select Sector SPDR FundUSD-3.05-3.16
XLRE.ETFReal Estate Select Sector SPDR FundUSD-3.05-3.16
XLU.ETFUtilities Select Sector SPDR FundUSD-3.05-3.16
XLV.ETFHealth Care Select Sector SPDR FundUSD-3.05-3.16
XLY.ETFConsumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR FundUSD-3.05-3.16
XOP.ETFSPDR S&P Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETFUSD-3.05-3.91
XRT.ETFSPDR S&P Retail ETFUSD-3.05-4.72
AGG.ETFiShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
BKLN.ETFPowerShares Senior Loan PortfolioUSD-3.05-3.28
BLV.ETFVanguard Long-Term Bond ETFUSD-3.05-5.58
BND.ETFVanguard Total Bond Market ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
BNDX.ETFVanguard Total International Bond ETFUSD-3.05-4.31
GOVT.ETFiShares Core US Treasury Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
HYG.ETFiShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
IEF.ETFiShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
JNK.ETFSPDR Barclays High Yield Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
LQD.ETFiShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
SJNK.ETFSPDR Barclays Short Term High Yield Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.39
TLT.ETFiShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
VCIT.ETFVanguard Intermediate-Term Corporate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
VCLT.ETFVanguard Long-Term Corporate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
VGLT.ETFVanguard Long-Term Government Bond ETFUSD-3.05-9.95
VMBS.ETFVanguard Mortgage-Backed Securities ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
JETS.ETFUS Global Jets ETFUSD-3.05-7.45
VIXY.ETFProShares VIX Short-Term Futures ETFUSD-3.05-7.48
VXX.ETFiPath Series B S&P 500 Short-Term Futures ETNUSD-3.05-6.84
DJP.ETFiPath Bloomberg Commodity Index Total Return ETNUSD-3.05-6.61
DXJ.ETFWisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity FundUSD-3.05-3.97
GXC.ETFSPDR S&P China ETFUSD-3.05-4.14
TAN.ETFInvesco Solar ETFUSD-3.05-6.96
URA.ETFGlobal X Uranium ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
FXE.ETFCurrencyShares Euro TrustUSD-3.05-5.41
USDU.ETFWisdomTree Bloomberg U.S. Dollar Bullish FundUSD-3.05-7.35
PCY.ETFInvesco Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt ETFUSD-3.05-7.19
VCSH.ETFVanguard Short-Term Corporate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
VGSH.ETFVanguard Short-Term Government Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
CIBR.ETFFirst Trust Nasdaq Cybersecurity ETFUSD-3.05-0.86
FCG.ETFFirst Trust ISE-Revere Natural Gas Index FundUSD-3.05-5.58
FIW.ETFFirst Trust ISE Water Index FundUSD-3.05-3.16
GCC.ETFGreenHaven Continuous Commodity Index FundUSD-3.05-8.28
ISTB.ETFiShares Core Short-Term USD BondUSD-3.05-7.36
ITOT.ETFiShares Core S&P Total US Stock Market ETFUSD-3.05-5.6
IUSB.ETFiShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
SGOL.ETFAberdeen Standard Physical Swiss Gold Shares ETFUSD-3.05-3.4
SIVR.ETFAberdeen Standard Physical Silver Shares ETFUSD-3.05-5.18
SKYY.ETFFirst Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index FundUSD-3.05-3.33
DSI.ETFiShares MSCI KLD 400 Social ETFUSD-3.05-7.59
EIDO.ETFiShares MSCI Indonesia ETFUSD-3.05-10.18
EPHE.ETFiShares MSCI Philippines ETFUSD-3.05-8.22
EPOL.ETFiShares MSCI Poland Capped ETFUSD-3.05-5.35
EPP.ETFiShares MSCI Pacific ex Japan ETFUSD-3.05-10.56
ERUS.ETFiShares MSCI Russia Capped ETFUSD-3.05-3.57
EWI.ETFiShares MSCI Italy Capped ETFUSD-3.05-5.7
EWQ.ETFiShares MSCI France ETFUSD-3.05-7.59
EWW.ETFiShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETFUSD-3.05-5.06
VIG.ETFVanguard Dividend Appreciation ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
GLTR.ETFETFS Physical Precious Metal Basket SharesUSD-3.05-12.13
DBEF.ETFDeutsche X-trackers MSCI EAFE Hedged Equity ETFUSD-3.05-7.46
DBEU.ETFDeutsche X-trackers MSCI Europe Hedged Equity ETFUSD-3.05-17.83
DBJP.ETFDeutsche X-trackers MSCI Japan Hedged Equity ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
ECON.ETFEGShares Emerging Markets Consumer ETFUSD-3.05-3.16
HACK.ETFETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETFUSD-3.05-6.27
IPAY.ETFETFMG Prime Mobile Payments ETFUSD-3.05-6.27
MJ.ETFETFMG Alternative Harvest ETFUSD-3.05-9.09
SYLD.ETFCambria Shareholder Yield ETFUSD-3.05-3.97
FDD.ETFFirst Trust STOXX European Select Dividend Index FundUSD-3.05-9.72
FPX.ETFFirst Trust US IPO Index FundUSD-3.05-7.36
FRI.ETFFirst Trust S&P REIT Index FundUSD-3.05-5.41
FXL.ETFFirst Trust Technology AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-5.58
FXU.ETFFirst Trust Utilities AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-3.16
FYX.ETFFirst Trust Small Cap Core AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-3.16
PIO.ETFPowerShares Global Water PortfolioUSD-3.05-3.16
PSP.ETFPowerShares Global Listed Private Equity PortfolioUSD-3.05-9.43
FTSL.ETFFirst Trust Senior Loan ETFUSD-3.05-5.06
PGJ.ETFPowershares Golden Dragon China PortfolioUSD-3.05-6.61
DWAS.ETFPowerShares DWA SmallCap Momentum PortfolioUSD-3.05-10.12
PBE.ETFPowershares Dynamic Biotechnology & Genome PortfolioUSD-3.05-3.16
PDP.ETFPowerShares DWA Momentum PortfolioUSD-3.05-3.16
PEJ.ETFPowershares Dynamic Leisure & Entertainment PortfolioUSD-3.05-8.86
PIE.ETFPowerShares DWA Emerging Markets Momentum PortfolioUSD-3.05-8.63
PIZ.ETFPowerShares DWA Developed Markets Momentum PortfolioUSD-3.05-18.98
PWB.ETFPowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Growth PortfolioUSD-3.05-4.89
PWV.ETFPowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Value PortfolioUSD-3.05-3.16
PXI.ETFPowerShares DWA Energy Momentum PortfolioUSD-3.05-10.47
AMJ.ETFJPMorgan Alerian MLP Index ETNUSD-3.05-5.88
BBH.ETFMarket Vectors Biotech ETFUSD-3.05-5.7
IAT.ETFiShares US Regional Banks ETFUSD-3.05-7.66
IDU.ETFiShares US Utilities ETFUSD-3.05-7.89
IYW.ETFiShares US Technology ETFUSD-3.05-5.47
MOO.ETFMarket Vectors Agribusiness ETFUSD-3.05-5.43
EMLC.ETFMarket Vectors Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
HYD.ETFMarket Vectors High Yield Municipal Index ETFUSD-3.05-4.04
HYEM.ETFMarket Vectors Emerging High Yield Bond ETFUSD-3.05-6.05
AGZ.ETFiShares Agency Bond ETFUSD-3.05-4.32
AIA.ETFiShares Asia 50 ETFUSD-3.05-5.47
AMLP.ETFAlerian MLP ETFUSD-3.05-8.06
AOA.ETFiShares Core Aggressive Allocation ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
AOM.ETFiShares Core Moderate Allocation ETFUSD-3.05-9.9
AOR.ETFiShares Core Growth Allocation ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
ARKK.ETFARK Innovation ETFUSD-3.05-4.38
ATMP.ETFBarclays ETN+ Select MLP ETNsUSD-3.05-3.98
BFOR.ETFBarron's 400 ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
CGW.ETFGuggenheim S&P Global Water Index ETFUSD-3.05-9.44
CMF.ETFiShares California AMT-Free Muni Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
CSD.ETFGuggenheim Spin-Off ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
CVY.ETFGuggenheim Multi-Asset Income ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
DBA.ETFInvesco DB Agriculture FundUSD-3.05-3.86
DBLV.ETFAdvisorShares DoubleLine Value Equity ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
DEF.ETFInvesco Defensive Equity ETFUSD-3.05-4.9
DGRO.ETFiShares Core Dividend Growth ETFUSD-3.05-4.84
DIV.ETFGlobal SuperDividend US ETFUSD-3.05-5.42
EMLP.ETFFirst Trust North American Energy Infrastructure FundUSD-3.05-24.45
EWRE.ETFInvesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Real Estate ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
FAB.ETFFirst Trust Multi Cap Value AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-3.17
FBT.ETFFirst Trust NYSE Arca Biotechnology Index FundUSD-3.05-3.17
FDIS.ETFFidelity MSCI Consumer Discretionary Index ETFUSD-3.05-5.59
FDL.ETFFirst Trust Morningstar Dividend Leaders IndexUSD-3.05-5.93
FDN.ETFFirst Trust Dow Jones Internet Index FundUSD-3.05-3.69
FEM.ETFFirst Trust Emerging Markets AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-3.17
FENY.ETFFidelity MSCI Energy Index ETFUSD-3.05-4.96
FEP.ETFFirst Trust Europe AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-3.17
FGD.ETFFirst Trust DJ Global Select Dividend Index FundUSD-3.05-3.17
FHLC.ETFFidelity MSCI Health Care Index ETFUSD-3.05-4.9
FNCL.ETFFidelity MSCI Financials Index ETFUSD-3.05-5.88
FNX.ETFFirst Trust Mid Cap Core AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-3.17
FSTA.ETFFidelity MSCI Consumer Staples Index ETFUSD-3.05-5.65
FTA.ETFFirst Trust Large Cap Value AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-8.06
FTC.ETFFirst Trust Large Cap Growth AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-7.37
FTEC.ETFFidelity MSCI Information Technology Index ETFUSD-3.05-7.08
FTSM.ETFFirst Trust Enhanced Short Maturity ETFUSD-3.05-8.69
FV.ETFFirst Trust Dorsey Wright Focus 5 ETFUSD-3.05-4.9
FVD.ETFFirst Trust Value Line Dividend Index FundUSD-3.05-4.61
FXD.ETFFirst Trust Consumer Discretionary AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-6.85
FXG.ETFFirst Trust Consumer Staples AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-3.17
FXH.ETFFirst Trust Health Care AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-7.08
FXO.ETFFirst Trust Financial AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-5.93
FXR.ETFFirst Trust Industrials/Producer Durables AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-3.17
FXZ.ETFFirst Trust Materials AlphaDEX FundUSD-3.05-5.53
GREK.ETFGlobal X FTSE Greece 20 ETFUSD-3.05-5.59
GSY.ETFGuggenheim Enhanced Short Duration ETFUSD-3.05-5.93
GUNR.ETFFlexShares Global Upstream Natural Resources Index FundUSD-3.05-4.55
GURU.ETFGlobal X Guru Index ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
GYLD.ETFArrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
HDV.ETFiShares Core High Dividend ETFUSD-3.05-3.35
HYLS.ETFFirst Trust Exchange-Traded Fund IV First Trust Tactical High YUSD-3.05-8.43
IDOG.ETFALPS International Sector Dividend Dogs ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
IEI.ETFiShares 3-7 Year Treasury Bond ETFUSD-3.05-6.05
IEUR.ETFiShares Core MSCI Europe ETFUSD-3.05-5.93
ILTB.ETFiShares Core Long-Term USD Bond ETFUSD-3.05-11.63
IMLP.ETFiPath S&P MLP ETNUSD-3.05-3.17
IPAC.ETFiShares Core MSCI Pacific ETFUSD-3.05-11.45
IQDF.ETFFlexShares International Quality Dividend Index FundUSD-3.05-7.66
ISHG.ETFiShares 1-3 Year International Treasury Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
IXUS.ETFiShares Core MSCI Total International Stock ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
MDIV.ETFFirst Trust Multi-Asset Diversified Income Index FundUSD-3.05-3.17
MINC.ETFAdvisorShares Newfleet Multi-Sector Income ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
NFRA.ETFFlexShares STOXX Global Broad Infrastructure Index FundUSD-3.05-9.79
NXTG.ETFFirst Trust Indxx NextG ETFUSD-3.05-12.09
ONEQ.ETFFidelity NASDAQ Composite Index Tracking Stock ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
PCEF.ETFInvesco CEF Income Composite ETFUSD-3.05-13.64
PHB.ETFInvesco Fundamental High Yield Corporate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-13.12
QAI.ETFIndexIQ ETF Trust - IQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
QLTA.ETFiShares Aaa - A Rated Corporate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
QQEW.ETFFirst Trust NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted Index FundUSD-3.05-10.19
QTEC.ETFFirst Trust NASDAQ-100 Technology Index FundUSD-3.05-8.46
RCD.ETFInvesco S&P 500 Eql Wght Con DiscrtN ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
RFG.ETFInvesco S&P MidCap 400 Pure Growth ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
RHS.ETFInvesco S&P 500 Eql Wght Con Staples ETFUSD-3.05-11.4
RPG.ETFInvesco S&P 500 Pure Growth ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
RPV.ETFInvesco S&P 500 Pure Value ETFUSD-3.05-7.2
RSP.ETFInvesco S&P 500 Eql Wght ETFUSD-3.05-3.92
RYF.ETFInvesco S&P 500 Eql Wght Financials ETFUSD-3.05-10.02
RYH.ETFInvesco S&P 500 Eql Wght Health Care ETFUSD-3.05-9.96
RYT.ETFInvesco S&P 500 Eql Wght Technology ETFUSD-3.05-10.48
RYU.ETFInvesco S&P 500 Eql Wght Utilities ETFUSD-3.05-10.53
RZV.ETFInvesco S&P SmallCap 600 Pure Value ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
SDIV.ETFGlobal X SuperDividend ETFUSD-3.05-8.46
SDOG.ETFALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
SHY.ETFiShares 1-3 Year Treasury Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
SNLN.ETFHighland/iBoxx Senior Loan ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
SPFF.ETFGlobal X SuperIncome Preferred ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
STIP.ETFiShares 0-5 Year TIPS Bond ETFUSD-3.05-8.81
TDIV.ETFFirst Trust NASDAQ Technology Dividend Index FundUSD-3.05-9.44
TDTT.ETFFlexShares iBoxx 3-Year Target Duration TIPS Index FundUSD-3.05-6.39
TILT.ETFFlexShares Morningstar US Market Factor Tilt Index FundUSD-3.05-3.17
TLH.ETFiShares 10-20 Year Treasury Bond ETFUSD-3.05-13.81
TLTD.ETFFlexShares Morningstar Developed Markets ex-US Factor Tilt IndeUSD-3.05-6.82
TLTE.ETFFlexShares Morningstar Emerging Markets Factor Tilt Index FundUSD-3.05-3.17
USIG.ETFiShares Broad USD Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-5.47
XLG.ETFInvesco S&P 500 Top 50 ETFUSD-3.05-10.36
IJH.ETFiShares Core S&P Mid-Cap ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
IUSG.ETFiShares Core US Growth ETFUSD-3.05-12.09
IUSV.ETFiShares Core US Value ETFUSD-3.05-6.8
HEWG.ETFiShares Currency Hedged MSCI Germany ETFUSD-3.05-15.94
HEWJ.ETFiShares Currency Hedged MSCI Japan ETFUSD-3.05-7.95
IYY.ETFiShares Dow Jones U.S. ETFUSD-3.05-7.37
LRGF.ETFiShares Edge MSCI Multifactor USA ETFUSD-3.05-15.31
QUAL.ETFiShares Edge MSCI USA Quality Factor ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
VLUE.ETFiShares Edge MSCI USA Value Weighted Index FundUSD-3.05-3.17
DVYE.ETFiShares Emerging Markets Dividend ETFUSD-3.05-4.9
LEMB.ETFiShares Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.69
IEV.ETFiShares Europe ETFUSD-3.05-5.59
IOO.ETFiShares Global 100 ETFUSD-3.05-4.32
INDY.ETFiShares India 50 ETFUSD-3.05-3.52
IGIB.ETFiShares Intermediate-Term Corporate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.29
IFGL.ETFiShares International Developed Real Estate ETFUSD-3.05-7.72
IGOV.ETFiShares International Treasury Bond ETFUSD-3.05-11.74
EMB.ETFiShares JP Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
ILF.ETFiShares Latin America 40 ETFUSD-3.05-5.3
IGLB.ETFiShares Long-Term Corporate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
MBB.ETFiShares MBS ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
IWC.ETFiShares Micro-Cap ETFUSD-3.05-7.37
JKD.ETFiShares Morningstar Large-Cap ETFUSD-3.05-5.93
JKE.ETFiShares Morningstar Large-Cap Growth ETFUSD-3.05-4.73
JKG.ETFiShares Morningstar Mid-Cap ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
JKH.ETFiShares Morningstar Mid-Cap Growth ETFUSD-3.05-7.89
JKL.ETFiShares Morningstar Small-Cap Value ETFUSD-3.05-5.01
REM.ETFiShares Mortgage Real Estate Capped ETFUSD-3.05-3.35
ACWX.ETFiShares MSCI ACWI ex US ETFUSD-3.05-5.36
CRBN.ETFiShares MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
AAXJ.ETFiShares MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan ETFUSD-3.05-5.76
EPU.ETFiShares MSCI All Peru Capped ETFUSD-3.05-6.05
EWA.ETFiShares MSCI Australia ETFUSD-3.05-3.69
EWC.ETFiShares MSCI Canada ETFUSD-3.05-3.63
ECH.ETFiShares MSCI Chile Capped ETFUSD-3.05-5.59
EFAV.ETFiShares MSCI EAFE Minimum Volatility ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
SCZ.ETFiShares MSCI EAFE Small-Cap ETFUSD-3.05-3.46
EUFN.ETFiShares MSCI Europe Financials ETFUSD-3.05-5.99
FM.ETFiShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETFUSD-3.05-9.44
TOK.ETFiShares MSCI Kokusai ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
EWM.ETFiShares MSCI Malaysia ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
EWS.ETFiShares MSCI Singapore ETFUSD-3.05-4.78
EZA.ETFiShares MSCI South Africa ETFUSD-3.05-4.32
EWP.ETFiShares MSCI Spain Capped ETFUSD-3.05-5.3
EWD.ETFiShares MSCI Sweden ETFUSD-3.05-5.19
EWL.ETFiShares MSCI Switzerland Capped ETFUSD-3.05-5.01
THD.ETFiShares MSCI Thailand Capped ETFUSD-3.05-11.28
TUR.ETFiShares MSCI Turkey ETFUSD-3.05-16.4
EWU.ETFiShares MSCI United Kingdom ETFUSD-3.05-3.58
SUSA.ETFiShares MSCI USA ESG Select ETFUSD-3.05-10.13
MTUM.ETFiShares MSCI USA Momentum Factor ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
SIZE.ETFiShares MSCI USA Size Factor FundUSD-3.05-3.63
URTH.ETFiShares MSCI World ETFUSD-3.05-9.38
MUB.ETFiShares National AMT-Free Muni Bond ETFUSD-3.05-5.7
IGE.ETFiShares North American Natural Resources ETFUSD-3.05-4.84
IGM.ETFiShares North American Tech ETFUSD-3.05-7.26
SOXX.ETFiShares PHLX Semiconductor ETFUSD-3.05-4.09
REZ.ETFiShares Residential Real Estate Capped ETFUSD-3.05-8.29
IWB.ETFiShares Russell 1000 ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
IWF.ETFiShares Russell 1000 Growth ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
IWD.ETFiShares Russell 1000 Value ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
IWO.ETFiShares Russell 2000 Growth ETFUSD-3.05-5.01
IWN.ETFiShares Russell 2000 Value ETFUSD-3.05-3.92
IWV.ETFiShares Russell 3000 ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
IWR.ETFiShares Russell Mid-Cap ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
IWP.ETFiShares Russell Mid-Cap Growth ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
IWS.ETFiShares Russell Mid-Cap Value ETFUSD-3.05-3.4
IWY.ETFiShares Russell Top 200 Growth ETFUSD-3.05-8.87
OEF.ETFiShares S&P 100 ETFUSD-3.05-3.69
IVW.ETFiShares S&P 500 Growth ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
IVE.ETFiShares S&P 500 Value ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
GSG.ETFiShares S&P GSCI Commodity Indexed TrustUSD-3.05-14.16
IJK.ETFiShares S&P Mid-Cap 400 Growth ETFUSD-3.05-5.07
IJJ.ETFiShares S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value ETFUSD-3.05-3.69
IJT.ETFiShares S&P Small-Cap 600 Growth ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
IJS.ETFiShares S&P Small-Cap 600 Value ETFUSD-3.05-6.16
DVY.ETFiShares Select Dividend ETFUSD-3.05-3.52
SHV.ETFiShares Short Treasury Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
IGSB.ETFiShares Short-Term Corporate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
SUB.ETFiShares Short-Term National AMT-Free Muni Bond ETFUSD-3.05-4.32
TIP.ETFiShares TIPS Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
IYT.ETFiShares Transportation Average ETFUSD-3.05-5.3
HEZU.ETFiShares Trust - iShares Currency Hedged MSCI EMU ETFUSD-3.05-7.03
IYM.ETFiShares U.S. Basic Materials ETFUSD-3.05-9.33
IAI.ETFiShares U.S. Broker-Dealers ETFUSD-3.05-5.93
IYC.ETFiShares U.S. Consumer Services ETFUSD-3.05-6.51
IYE.ETFiShares U.S. Energy ETFUSD-3.05-8
IYG.ETFiShares U.S. Financial Services ETFUSD-3.05-3.98
IYH.ETFiShares U.S. Healthcare ETFUSD-3.05-6.28
IHF.ETFiShares U.S. Healthcare Providers ETFUSD-3.05-5.13
IHI.ETFiShares U.S. Medical Devices ETFUSD-3.05-4.32
IEO.ETFiShares U.S. Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETFUSD-3.05-6.45
IEZ.ETFiShares U.S. Oil Equipment & Services ETFUSD-3.05-11.05
ITA.ETFiShares US Aerospace & Defense ETFUSD-3.05-3.23
IYK.ETFiShares US Consumer Goods ETFUSD-3.05-9.44
IYF.ETFiShares US Financials ETFUSD-3.05-6.22
IHE.ETFiShares US Pharmaceuticals ETFUSD-3.05-8.12
ITM.ETFMarket Vectors Intermediate Municipal ETFUSD-3.05-11.97
IHY.ETFMarket Vectors International High Yield Bond ETFUSD-3.05-6.16
PPH.ETFMarket Vectors Pharmaceutical ETFUSD-3.05-4.84
PFXF.ETFMarket Vectors Preferred Securities ex Financials ETFUSD-3.05-5.76
RTH.ETFMarket Vectors Retail ETFUSD-3.05-6.8
SMH.ETFMarket Vectors Semiconductor ETFUSD-3.05-3.81
SMB.ETFMarket Vectors Short Municipal ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
HYLD.ETFPeritus High Yield ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
HYS.ETFPIMCO 0-5 Year High Yield Corporate Bond Index Exchange-Traded USD-3.05-3.71
STPZ.ETFPIMCO 1-5 Year U.S. TIPS Index Exchange-Traded FundUSD-3.05-8.81
MINT.ETFPIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity Active Exchange-Traded FundUSD-3.05-3.46
MUNI.ETFPIMCO Intermediate Municipal Bond Active Exchange-Traded FundUSD-3.05-10.5
MFEM.ETFPIMCO RAFI Dynamic Multi-Factor Emerging Markets ETFUSD-3.05-12.2
BOND.ETFPIMCO Total Return Active Exchange-Traded FundUSD-3.05-3.4
PLW.ETFPowerShares 1-30 Laddered Treasury PortfolioUSD-3.05-11.63
PPA.ETFPowerShares Aerospace & Defense PortfolioUSD-3.05-3.17
BAB.ETFPowerShares Build America Bond PortfolioUSD-3.05-9.56
DBB.ETFPowerShares DB Base Metals FundUSD-3.05-7.08
DBC.ETFPowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking FundUSD-3.05-4.9
DGL.ETFPowerShares DB Gold FundUSD-3.05-3.29
DBO.ETFPowerShares DB Oil FundUSD-3.05-6.22
DBP.ETFPowerShares DB Precious Metals FundUSD-3.05-5.42
PJP.ETFPowershares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals PortfolioUSD-3.05-8.75
PGF.ETFPowerShares Financial Preferred PortfolioUSD-3.05-4.9
PXF.ETFPowerShares FTSE RAFI Developed Markets ex-U.S. PortfolioUSD-3.05-15.54
PXH.ETFPowerShares FTSE RAFI Emerging Markets PortfolioUSD-3.05-9.44
PRF.ETFPowershares FTSE RAFI US 1000 PortfolioUSD-3.05-10.59
PEY.ETFPowerShares High Yield Equity Dividend Achievers PortfolioUSD-3.05-5.07
PIN.ETFPowerShares India PortfolioUSD-3.05-6.22
PID.ETFPowerShares International Dividend Achievers PortfolioUSD-3.05-11.91
KBWB.ETFPowerShares KBW Bank PortfolioUSD-3.05-6.45
KBWD.ETFPowerShares KBW High Dividend Yield Financial PortfolioUSD-3.05-5.82
CUT.ETFPowerShares MSCI Global Timber PortfolioUSD-3.05-3.17
PNQI.ETFPowerShares NASDAQ Internet PortfolioUSD-3.05-6.8
PZA.ETFPowerShares National AMT-Free Municipal Bond PortfolioUSD-3.05-3.17
PGX.ETFPowerShares Preferred PortfolioUSD-3.05-3.52
PBP.ETFPowerShares S&P 500 BuyWrite PortfolioUSD-3.05-3.17
SPHB.ETFPowerShares S&P 500 High Beta Port ETFUSD-3.05-4.21
SPHD.ETFPowerShares S&P 500 High Dividend PortfolioUSD-3.05-5.19
SPHQ.ETFPowerShares S&P 500 High Quality PortfolioUSD-3.05-6.62
SPLV.ETFPowerShares S&P 500 Low Volatility PortfolioUSD-3.05-3.58
EELV.ETFPowerShares S&P Emerging Markets Low Volatility PortfolioUSD-3.05-25.2
IDLV.ETFPowerShares S&P International Developed Low Volatility PortfoliUSD-3.05-18.89
PSCT.ETFPowerShares S&P SmallCap Information Technology PortfolioUSD-3.05-8.41
PHO.ETFPowerShares Water Resources PortfolioUSD-3.05-5.01
NOBL.ETFProShares S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats ETFUSD-3.05-5.13
SCHE.ETFSchwab Emerging Markets Equity ETFUSD-3.05-4.9
FNDF.ETFSchwab Fundamental International Large Company IndexUSD-3.05-9.44
FNDX.ETFSchwab Fundamental U.S. Large Company IndexUSD-3.05-7.54
FNDA.ETFSchwab Fundamental U.S. Small Company IndexUSD-3.05-3.17
SCHR.ETFSchwab Intermediate-Term U.S. Treasury ETFUSD-3.05-6.57
SCHC.ETFSchwab International Small-Cap Equity ETFUSD-3.05-6.68
SCHO.ETFSchwab Short-Term U.S. Treasury ETFUSD-3.05-4.9
SCHZ.ETFSchwab U.S. Aggregate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-5.01
SCHG.ETFSchwab U.S. Large-Cap Growth ETFUSD-3.05-5.36
SCHV.ETFSchwab U.S. Large-Cap Value ETFUSD-3.05-5.24
SCHM.ETFSchwab U.S. Mid-Cap ETFUSD-3.05-4.96
SCHH.ETFSchwab U.S. REIT ETFUSD-3.05-4.15
SCHP.ETFSchwab U.S. TIPs ETFUSD-3.05-3.35
SCHB.ETFSchwab US Broad Market ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
SCHD.ETFSchwab US Dividend Equity ETFUSD-3.05-4.9
SCHX.ETFSchwab US Large-Cap ETFUSD-3.05-4.27
SCHA.ETFSchwab US Small-Cap ETFUSD-3.05-5.07
BIL.ETFSPDR Barclays 1-3 Month T-BillUSD-3.05-3.86
SPAB.ETFSPDR Barclays Aggregate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-4.5
CWB.ETFSPDR Barclays Convertible Securities ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
SPIB.ETFSPDR Barclays Intermediate Term Corporate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.98
SPTI.ETFSPDR Barclays Intermediate Term Treasury ETFUSD-3.05-3.35
BWX.ETFSPDR Barclays International Treasury Bond ETFUSD-3.05-8.29
FLRN.ETFSPDR Barclays Investment Grade Floating Rate ETFUSD-3.05-5.36
SPLB.ETFSPDR Barclays Long Term Corporate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-7.49
SPTL.ETFSPDR Barclays Long Term Treasury ETFUSD-3.05-4.32
SPSB.ETFSPDR Barclays Short Term Corporate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.4
BWZ.ETFSPDR Barclays Short Term International Treasury Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
SRLN.ETFSPDR Blackstone / GSO Senior Loan ETFUSD-3.05-5.76
WIP.ETFSPDR DB International Government Inflation-Protected Bond ETFUSD-3.05-6.11
RWX.ETFSPDR Dow Jones International Real Estate ETFUSD-3.05-3.63
TFI.ETFSPDR Nuveen Barclays Municipal Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
HYMB.ETFSPDR Nuveen S&P High Yield Municipal Bond ETFUSD-3.05-7.49
SPEU.K.ETFSPDR Portfolio Europe ETFUSD-3.05-8.75
SPTM.ETFSPDR Russell 3000 ETFUSD-3.05-4.55
MDYG.ETFSPDR S&P 400 Mid CapGrowth ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
SPYG.ETFSPDR S&P 500 Growth ETFUSD-3.05-5.07
SPYV.ETFSPDR S&P 500 Value ETFUSD-3.05-5.47
SLYG.ETFSPDR S&P 600 Small Cap Growth ETFUSD-3.05-6.85
SLY.ETFSPDR S&P 600 Small CapETFUSD-3.05-3.17
SLYV.ETFSPDR S&P 600 Small CapValue ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
SDY.ETFSPDR S&P Dividend ETFUSD-3.05-4.38
GMF.ETFSPDR S&P Emerging Asia Pacific ETFUSD-3.05-4.21
EDIV.ETFSPDR S&P Emerging Markets Dividend ETFUSD-3.05-11.63
EWX.ETFSPDR S&P Emerging Markets SmallCap ETFUSD-3.05-7.54
GNR.ETFSPDR S&P Global Natural Resources ETFUSD-3.05-15.08
XHB.ETFSPDR S&P Homebuilders ETFUSD-3.05-4.09
KIE.ETFSPDR S&P Insurance ETFUSD-3.05-5.88
DWX.ETFSPDR S&P International Dividend ETFUSD-3.05-5.93
GWX.ETFSPDR S&P International Small Cap ETFUSD-3.05-5.59
XME.ETFSPDR S&P Metals & Mining ETFUSD-3.05-3.58
MDY.ETFSPDR S&P MidCap 400 ETF TrustUSD-3.05-3.17
XES.ETFSPDR S&P Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ETFUSD-3.05-4.32
XPH.ETFSPDR S&P Pharmaceuticals ETFUSD-3.05-4.21
XSD.ETFSPDR S&P Semiconductor ETFUSD-3.05-4.84
XTN.ETFSPDR S&P Transportation ETFUSD-3.05-5.93
SPDW.ETFSPDR S&P World ex-US ETFUSD-3.05-4.5
PSK.ETFSPDR Wells Fargo Preferred Stock ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
SGDM.ETFSprott Gold Miners ETFUSD-3.05-4.9
USCI.ETFUnited States Commodity Index FundUSD-3.05-3.17
EINC.ETFVanEck Vectors Energy Income ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
IDX.ETFVaneck Vectors Indonesia Ind ETFUSD-3.05-10.36
OIH.ETFVaneck Vectors Oil Service ETFUSD-3.05-5.19
REMX.ETFVanEck Vectors Rare Earth/Strategic Metals ETFUSD-3.05-5.42
VOX.ETFVanguard Communication Services ETFUSD-3.05-6.28
VCR.ETFVanguard Consumer Discretionary ETFUSD-3.05-7.31
VDC.ETFVanguard Consumer Staples ETFUSD-3.05-4.9
VWOB.ETFVanguard Emerging Markets Government Bond ETFUSD-3.05-10.02
VDE.ETFVanguard Energy ETFUSD-3.05-4.21
EDV.ETFVanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETFUSD-3.05-7.54
VXF.ETFVanguard Extended Market ETFUSD-3.05-4.84
VSS.ETFVanguard FTSE All World ex-US Small-Cap ETFUSD-3.05-5.07
VPL.ETFVanguard FTSE Pacific ETFUSD-3.05-5.99
VNQI.ETFVanguard Global ex-U.S. Real Estate ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
VHT.ETFVanguard Health Care ETFUSD-3.05-3.81
VIS.ETFVanguard Industrials ETFUSD-3.05-8.35
VGT.ETFVanguard Information Technology ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
BIV.ETFVanguard Intermediate-Term Bond ETFUSD-3.05-5.59
VGIT.ETFVanguard Intermediate-Term Government Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
MGK.ETFVanguard Mega Cap Growth ETFUSD-3.05-5.76
MGV.ETFVanguard Mega Cap Value ETFUSD-3.05-11.57
VOT.ETFVanguard Mid-Cap Growth ETFUSD-3.05-3.52
VOE.ETFVanguard Mid-Cap Value ETFUSD-3.05-3.98
VONE.ETFVanguard Russell 1000USD-3.05-7.49
VONG.ETFVanguard Russell 1000 Growth ETFUSD-3.05-5.24
VONV.ETFVanguard Russell 1000 ValueUSD-3.05-8.46
VTWO.ETFVanguard Russell 2000USD-3.05-3.92
VOOG.ETFVanguard S&P 500 Growth ETFUSD-3.05-5.19
VOOV.ETFVanguard S&P 500 Value ETFUSD-3.05-7.77
IVOO.ETFVanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 ETFUSD-3.05-7.08
IVOG.ETFVanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 Growth ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
VIOO.ETFVanguard S&P Small-Cap 600 ETFUSD-3.05-5.47
BSV.ETFVanguard Short-Term Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.29
VTIP.ETFVanguard Short-Term Inflation-Protected Securities ETFUSD-3.05-3.98
VB.ETFVanguard Small-Cap ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
VBK.ETFVanguard Small-Cap Growth ETFUSD-3.05-3.35
VBR.ETFVanguard Small-Cap Value ETFUSD-3.05-3.29
VTV.ETFVanguard Value ETFUSD-3.05-3.17
DEM.ETFWisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income FundUSD-3.05-4.44
ELD.ETFWisdomTree Emerging Markets Local Debt FundUSD-3.05-3.17
DGS.ETFWisdomTree Emerging Markets SmallCap Dividend FundUSD-3.05-7.49
HEDJ.ETFWisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity FundUSD-3.05-4.44
EPI.ETFWisdomTree India Earnings FundUSD-3.05-3.86
WTMF.ETFWisdomTree Managed Futures Strategy FundUSD-3.05-3.17
EZM.ETFWisdomTree MidCap Earnings FundUSD-3.05-4.78
EES.ETFWisdomTree SmallCap Earnings FundUSD-3.05-3.17
DGRW.ETFWisdomTree US Dividend Growth FundUSD-3.05-10.71
UUP.ETFPowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish FundUSD-3.05-3.16
YOLO.ETFAdvisorShares Pure Cannabis ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
MSOS.ETFAdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETFUSD-3.05-8.08
AIEQ.ETFAI Powered Equity ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
ACES.ETFALPS Clean Energy ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
DTEC.ETFALPS Disruptive Technologies ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
SBIO.ETFALPS Medical Breakthroughs ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
IBUY.ETFAmplify Online Retail ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
CNBS.ETFAmplify Seymour Cannabis ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
BLOK.ETFAmplify Transformational Data Sharing ETFUSD-3.05-4
ARKQ.ETFARK Autonomous Techonology & RoboticsUSD-3.05-4.4
ARKF.ETFARK Fintech Innovation ETFUSD-3.05-4.4
ARKG.ETFARK Genomic Revolution ETFUSD-3.05-7.11
ARKW.ETFARK Next Generation Internet ETFUSD-3.05-11.76
THCX.ETFCannabis ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
QTUM.ETFDefiance Quantum ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
MOON.ETFDirexion Moonshot Innovators ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
WFH.ETFDirexion Work From Home ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
SILJ.ETFETFMG Prime Junior Silver Miners ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
GERM.ETFETFMG Treatments Testing and Advancements ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
FAN.ETFFirst Trust Global Wind Energy ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
QCLN.ETFFirst Trust NASDAQ Clean Energy ETFUSD-3.05-8.49
DRIV.ETFGlobal x Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETFUSD-3.05-3.2
POTX.ETFGlobal X Cannabis ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
CLOU.ETFGlobal X Cloud Computing ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
BUG.ETFGlobal X Cybersecurity ETFUSD-3.05-3.42
FINX.ETFGlobal X FinTech ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
SOCL.ETFGlobal X Social Media Index ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
EDOC.ETFGlobal X Telemedicine & Digital Health ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
HERO.ETFGlobal X Video Games & Esports ETFUSD-3.05-3.42
KOIN.ETFInnovation Shares NextGen Protocol ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
LOUP.ETFInnovator Loup Frontier Tech ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
CQQQ.ETFInvesco China Technology ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
PSI.ETFInvesco Dynamic Semiconductors ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
PSJ.ETFInvesco Dynamic Software ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
PBD.ETFInvesco Global Clean Energy ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
PBW.ETFInvesco WilderHill Clean Energy ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
IHAK.ETFiShares Cybersecurity & TechUSD-3.05-3.2
IGV.ETFiShares Expanded Tech-Software Sector ETUSD-3.05-5.21
XT.ETFiShares Exponential Technologies ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
ICLN.ETFiShares Global Clean Energy ETFUSD-3.05-6.82
GBF.ETFiShares Government/Credit Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.2
RING.ETFiShares MSCI Global Gold Miners ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
NYF.ETFiShares New York AMT-Free Muni Bond ETFUSD-3.05-3.2
IRBO.ETFiShares Robotics and Artificial Intelligence ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
KWEB.ETFKraneShares CSI China Internet ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
KARS.ETFKraneShares Electric Vehicles & Future Mobility ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
CHIK.ETFMSCI China Information Technology ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
PBJ.ETFPowershares Dynamic Food & Beverage PortfolioUSD-3.05-3.2
PICB.ETFPowerShares International Corporate Bond PortfolioUSD-3.05-8.54
EWMC.ETFPowerShares S&P MidCap 400 Equal Weight PortfolioUSD-3.05-3.2
CSM.ETFProShares Large Cap Core PlusUSD-3.05-3.2
CLIX.ETFProShares Long Online/Short Stores ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
ONLN.ETFProShares Online Retail ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
PHDG.ETFPS S&P Downside HdgdUSD-3.05-19.7
BLCN.ETFReality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
IPO.ETFRenaissance IPO ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
RWL.ETFRevenueShares Large Cap ETFUSD-3.05-4.86
RWK.ETFRevenueShares Mid Cap ETFUSD-3.05-3.2
RWJ.ETFRevenueShares Small Cap ETFUSD-3.05-3.2
RIGS.ETFRiverfront Strategic Income FundUSD-3.05-3.2
HTEC.ETFRobo Global Healthcare Tech ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
BETZ.ETFRoundhill Sports Betting & iGaming ETFUSD-3.05-3.2
FNDB.ETFSchwab Fundamental U.S. Broad Market Index ETFUSD-3.05-4.92
IBND.ETFSPDR Barclays International Corporate Bond ETFUSD-3.05-16.77
HAIL.ETFSPDR Kensho Smart Mobility ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
XHE.ETFSPDR S&P Health Care Equipment ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
CNRG.ETFSPDR S&P Kensho Clean Power ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
KOMP.ETFSPDR S&P Kensho New Economies Composite ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
XSW.ETFSPDR S&P Software & Services ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
SGDJ.ETFSprott Junior Gold Miners ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
GOAU.ETFUS Global GO GOLD and Precious Metal Miners ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
SMOG.ETFVanEck Vectors Low Carbon Energy ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
VPU.ETFVanguard Utilities ETFUSD-3.05-5.38
VBND.ETFVident Core U.S. Bond Strategy FundUSD-3.05-3.2
BBC.ETFVirtus LifeSci Biotech Clinical Trials ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
CXSE.ETFWisdomTree China Ex-State-Owned Enterprises ETFUSD-3.05-10.73
WCLD.ETFWisdomTree Cloud Computing FundUSD-3.05-5.21
PRNT.ETF3D Printing ETFUSD-3.05-5.21
ARKX.ETFARK Space Exploration & Innovation ETFUSD-3.05-7.12
COPX.ETFGlobal X Copper Miners ETFUSD-4.95-2.89
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