Trading involves a high risk to the invested capital. Understand all risk before investing


Futures are a type of derivatives that creates the obligation for the buyer or seller to transact at a determined future data and price. The buyer will have to purchase the asset while the seller will have to sell the asset at a specific price.
Futures contracts are standardized in nature and the underlying assets include commodities, currencies, bonds and many others.
While futures can be used for speculating, a large majority of entities and corporations use them for hedging purposes against adverse price moves. Here, some firms may choose to physically settle on the product yet most trading ends up with cash settlements.
The difference between futures and options lies in the obligation which is the case for futures while for options, the right exists but not the obligation.
Futures contracts are leveraged products and allow for buying or selling at a fraction of the contract value, making them appealing as trading products. On the other hand, the leverage factor can magnify gains and losses.


As mentioned above, margins on futures contracts are predetermined by the exchange and account for many factors with the main one being volatility. Most of the time, they represent a relatively small fraction of the value of the contract.


Commissions on Futures and Options on Futures contracts vary based on exchange, country and accessibility. You can inquire further by reaching out to one of our experts in exchange based products.


Access is available to a wide range of exchanges including one of the most popular and the biggest, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Other exchanges include the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the Intercontinental Exchange, EUREX, Chicago Board of Trade Exchange and the London Metal Exchange among others.
The variety of exchanges means many products to trade including Agriculture, Energy, Equity indices, Forex, Interest Rates, Metals and Options
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