Trading involves a high risk to the invested capital. Understand all risk before investing

Business Partners

There is a great opportunity at CFI for individuals or companies not looking to trade or invest directly in the markets themselves, with a large network of friends or acquaintances who are trading or interested in starting their journey in the financial markets.
Regulated Partnerships
We do offer a separate commission structure for regulated brokers. All our partners are well supported, ensuring they focus on servicing the need of potential clients and prospects. We offer experienced customer support, marketing material and sales expertise. If required, we can offer a bespoke service where necessary.
The business partners program is rich with attractive features and advantages:
Compensation beyond industry average • Real-time tracking and reporting • Marketing material and personalised support
Liquidity Solutions
Whether you are a small institution looking to cater to the trading needs of your clients or a private investor trading large sizes, CFI provides access to multiple liquidity providers with deep pools connected across different data centres. What distinguishes CFI from competitors is that CFI deals with the biggest in the business so no matter the trading conditions you require, our dedicated team of experts is likely to find you a solution that will save you time and money.
White Label
Over the past 10 years, the forex and CFD markets exhibited strong growth with the daily turnover reaching USD 6 billion according to recent figures from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). CFI provides a white label programme aimed at brokers, financial institutions, investment firms, hedge funds, banks and other regulated entities to help them access those markets quickly and efficiently.
Our team is there for you from start to finish, providing you with an online trading platform, back office interface, risk management tools, CRM development and connectivity and many more features to ensure you can begin servicing your clients without the worry of missing any part of the process.
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