CFD’s on Equities Overview

CFI, through its state of the Metatrader 5 platform, provides you with access to over 3,500 major stocks across the UK, EU and the US. You can trade CFDs on stocks just as you trade FX like regular stocks and offer the ability and commodities, reaching more opportunities and with low margins on positions. While CFI also offers a wide range of stocks and options on stocks through its CFI Global platform, the availability of products on MT5 is a step forward in providing more instruments within a very easy and familiar interface as well as the additional benefits derived from trading CFDs.
** Graphs are for illustrative purposes only and are not live tradeable prices**
The leverage available on CFDs on equities is 1:10, meaning you only need to have 10% of the value of a position before entering it. This allows you to control a larger position with a smaller amount of money and is useful as some stocks can be quite expensive on a per share basis. As per CFI Standard Terms of Business, margin may be changed at any time without prior notice.
Spreads on equities CFDs are variable but highly competitive and are built around a strong liquidity model that mimics the spreads of the actual exchange. Furthermore, it is not only the spreads that are identical but the entire trading environment is very similar to that of the exchange.
SymbolCommision/ShareMin.Commision/TradeLong ChargesShort ChargesTrading Hours (Global)
US Equities$01 year Libor rate +2.55%1 year Libor rate +3.35%14:31-21:00
UK Equities$01 year Libor rate +2.55%1 year Libor rate +3.35%08:01-16:30
EU Equities$01 year Libor rate +2.55%1 year Libor rate +3.35%09:01-17:30
The new products will allow clients to trade on 300+ major US, EU and UK shares as CFDs.
Competitive swaps
Swaps, also known as rollovers, are interest rate amounts charged or earned for holding a buy or sell position overnight. The calculation takes into consideration the interest rate differential between two currencies (each currency has its own interest rate).
Swaps are also applicable on Indices and vary for several reasons, including overnight interest rates.
Trading example
After recent news from Microsoft, you feel their latest product suite is likely to bring many advantages to end users and could make everyone’s lives easier. You decide to purchase 100 shares of Microsoft (Ticker: MSFT) at $139.00/share, with the total value of your trade $13,900 (139 x 100).
Please note the above example is hypothetical in nature and does not necessarily reflect real conditions.
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