Knowledge is the foundation of any successful endeavour and our Education & Analysis section will serve to enlighten traders and investors alike, with known, as well as new, information that will benefit them along their trading journey.
This section offers a multitude of tools and services that are accessible and beneficial for a range of experience, whether you are just starting out or someone who has been in the industry for years. Below is a brief overview of what to expect from this page and why it should be a major reference for traders:
Navigating the markets without staying informed of upcoming economic releases can really dampen your trading performance. Economic numbers play an important role in showcasing the health of economies around the world and releases can have a sharp and powerful effect on the different financial markets.
With our Calendar, you will be well informed ahead of time of what to expect in general, allowing you to prepare accordingly and include such numbers in your trading plan so it is never a surprise to you or your trading plan.
We constantly seek what is best for our clients and when it comes to analysis and opinions, we have teamed up with one of the best in the industry: Trading Central.
Trading Central is a leading provider of fundamental and technical analytics, providing independent opinions across multiple assets and trading instruments. Furthermore, aside from traditional analysis, Trading Central uses pattern recognition with highly customisable options and filters. The company has been in the industry for 20 years and continues to add new services to its already appealing suite of products.
For more information and to learn more about the different products, take a look at the Trading Central subsection.
CFI offers a wide variety of daily webinars delivered by experts in the industry with topics ranging from introduction to online trading and basics to more advanced topics such as advanced technical analysis, candlestick patterns and Elliott Waves.
Our webinars were created to cater to the needs of everyone and they are regularly scheduled which means you will never miss out on a session. Visit the subsection webinars to learn more about our experts, explore our scheduled webinars and register with one click to the webinar of your choice.
All our sessions are interactive which means you are free to ask questions and the instructor will always do their best to answer as long as time permits and the questions are within the topic discussed.
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