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Welcome to a new world of trading opportunities. Cryptocurrencies have been the go-to product for thousands of traders seeking toexplore new markets beyond the traditional ones. Whether you are looking to day trade cryptocurrencies or eying that one digital currency that you believe will reach double and triple-digit gains over time, CFI offers you a wide range of cryptocurrencies, leveraged and non-leveraged, and with ultra-competitive conditions.

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Crypto Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • What are cryptocurrencies?
    They are a form of digital currency that can be used as a payment for goods and services. Each cryptocurrency is unique, issued by an organization similar to how a country may issue a currency that belongs to them. They are held online and operate using blockchain technology.
  • What are the cryptocurrencies available to trade with CFI? CFI offers 18 cryptocurrencies:
    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Ripple, TRON, Bitcoin cash in Yen, Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin in Yen, Dash, EOS, Ethereum in Yen,Chainlink, Litecoin in Yen, Litecoin, , Stellar Lumans, Monero,
  • Do I need a crypto wallet to trade cryptos with CFI?
    You do not need a cryptocurrency wallet when trading with CFI, regardless of whether you are trading leveraged CFDs on cryptocurrencies or non-leveraged.
  • Can I deposit/withdraw funds using cryptocurrencies?
    For now, CFI does not allow funding or withdrawal using any cryptocurrencies.
  • Are cryptocurrencies considered volatile?
    Cryptocurrencies are volatile in nature, mostly due to a rush by the masses to invest in something that has proven to eyceed typical market returns by a large margin.
  • What is the minimum trade size for cryptocurrencies?
    With CFI, you can trade 0.01 lots which correspond to 0.01 Bitcoin, 0.01 Ethereum, 0.01 Litecoin, etc…
  • What is the commission on cryptocurrencies?
    CFI commits to providing highly competitive conditions across all assets available. There is no commission on cryptocurrencies
  • What are the spreads on cryptocurrencies?
    CFI offers highly competitive conditions including tight spreads and fast eyecution which is also the case for the 13000+ Stocks, Forey, Commodities, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, and ETFs that we offer to our clients.
  • What are the trading hours for cryptocurrencies?
    Cryptocurrencies operate 24 hours a day, 5 days a week with plans to have weekend trading given that cryptocurrencies function normally over the weekend.
  • What is the leverage on cryptocurrencies?
    The leverage available on CFDs on cryptocurrencies is 2:1, meaning that you only need to pay 50% as margin for your position, regardless of its size. You can also choose to trade cryptocurrencies with no leverage
  • Are there any swaps or overnight charges?
    if you choose to trade non-leveraged CFDs on cryptocurrencies, you will not incur any overnight charges and can hold them for as long as you like without any rolling eypenses. Leveraged CFDs on cryptocurrencies include overnight charges
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