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毛里求斯CFI - Credit Financier Invest(毛里求斯)Ltd,致力于为高净值专业人士和机构客户提供最高限度的独家服务和交易条件,将他们的业务提升到一个新的水平。


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CFI – 手機平台

毛里求斯CFI - Credit Financier Invest(毛里求斯)Ltd移动服务允许您管理您的帐户从便携式设备,如智能手机,掌上电脑和平板电脑。除了完整的交易账户管理,移动交易还提供了多种分析选项和报价的图形显示。

CFI毛里求斯- Credit Financier Invest(毛里求斯)Ltd移动平台优势:



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毛里求斯CFI - Credit Financier Invest(毛里求斯)Ltd, CFI金融集团的一部分,自豪地提供其顶级的流动性流专门为机构客户。


此外,CFI的顶级流动性具有增强的效果,特别是对欧美, 美日和黄金的流动性,点差极低,和大额订单的执行。

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毛里求斯CFI - Credit Financier Invest(毛里求斯)Ltd 业务伙伴(以下简称“BP”)旨在为个人和企业提供有吸引力和可定制的合作伙伴解决方案,希望将客户直接指向CFI - Credit Financier Invest(毛里求斯)Ltd .网站了解更多信息。此外,业务合作伙伴可以为其指导的所有客户提供平台、网站和/或账户方面的技术支持。


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CFIs以前与E级方程式冠军尼尔森•皮奎特(Nelson Piquet Jr.)合作过。

CFI金融集团是一家领先的在线交易服务提供商,与ABB FIA E級方程式锦标赛赛车手Nelson Piquet Jr有两年的合作关系。

Piquet Jr的赞助主要集中在他参与著名的ABB FIA E級方程式锦标赛系列赛,该锦标赛的价值观与CFI自己的创新、高科技和速度的理念不謀而合。

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Syndicate Bank hopes to reduce net NPA to below 5%
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

The net NPA of the bank is currently at 5.95 per cent while the gross NPA is at 11.45 per cent.

Expect a lot of reforms over the next 2-3 months: Gurmeet Chadha
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

My view is that monetary policy will continue to be accommodative and a rate cut can still happen.

After Market: Telecom stocks party, banks gain on IBC ruling; sell signal in 89 stocks
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

Nifty Smallcap ebbed 0.19% to 5674 while Nifty Midcap climbed 0.32% to 16804.

Sterling and Wilson Solar Q2 net up 36% at Rs 79 crore
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

Total income of the company stood at Rs 1,265.64 crore in the quarter.

Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio warns of capital war between US & China
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

The conflict between the two countries could expand beyond trade and technology, Ray Dalio said.

Tech View: Nifty50 forms indecisive candle, bears in no mood to cede ground
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

NSE Nifty has to hold above 11,850 level to witness an up-move towards 11,950.

Time ripe to cherry pick in midcaps and smallcaps: Paras Adenwala, Capital Portfolio Advisors
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

Earnings season shows corporates have done a far better job than was expected.

Commodity outlook: Gold, silver to trade in a range; copper, crude oil may fall
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

Spot Gold is expected to trade in a range of $1455- $1478 range.

F&O: India VIX drops 3.96%, Nifty trading range shifts to 11,700-12,100 zone
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

Bank Nifty opened positive and extended the gains towards 31,165 mark.

Gold prices slip by Rs 149 on weak global cues
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

Silver prices also shed Rs 473 to Rs 45,375 per kg from Rs 45,848 per kg in the previous session.

Under Armour reportedly borrowed business from future quarters in 2016 to hide slowing demand
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

Under Armour borrowed business from future quarters to hide slowing demand in 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Apple bans vaping apps from the App Store
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

Apple also removed 181 vaping-related apps currently in the App Store.

5 things to know before the stock market opens Friday
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

U.S. stock futures were pointing to gains strong enough for the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq to set new highs at Friday's open on Wall Street.

Inside a secret Rolex meetup, the finds include a 'sexpile' worth millions and a radioactive watch
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

he top-secret Rolliefest in New York was a chance for Rolex lovers to share, swap and try on different timepieces.

Here's why you're not rich and here's what you can do to get there
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

Get better at money by understanding four simple things standing in your way.

Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: JC Penney, Nvidia, Nike, Lyft, GrubHub & more
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

Names on the move ahead of the open.

JC Penney reports narrower-than-expected loss, shares rise
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

J.C. Penney reported a narrower-than-expected loss for its latest quarter.

Venice hit by another ferocious high tide, flooding city
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

The central St. Mark's Square was submerged and closed to tourists, while shops and hotels were once more invaded by rising waters bringing fresh misery to the fragile city.

Cleveland Browns' defensive end hits Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback with helmet in nasty end
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

Browns' defensive end Myles Garrett ripped the helmet off Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph and used it to strike Rudolph in the head.

Hotel points can put you on a Manchester United charter plane — with VIP tickets to a match
Posted on Friday November 15, 2019

Forget free rooms. From Super Bowl suites and Disney movie premieres to traveling on a charter flight with Man United, hotels are offering big-ticket experiences to their most loyal guests.


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