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Developing your own trading strategy

The importance of developing a trading strategy

Traders often hear the importance of having a plan when trading the financial markets and it’s one of the best pieces of advice anyone can be offered. Rarely does random trading generate consistent, stable, and long-term profits. It’s akin to gambling and not a characteristic of approaching trading the right way. Trading is a business and looking at it from that perspective can help any trader become consistent over time.


Having a trading strategy means having a defined set of rules and conditions that would help you navigate the financial markets without having to think twice about what to do across all possible scenarios. It’s the difference between being disciplined and organized and being chaotic and unsure.


Just as the market is highly dynamic, a trading strategy will help you make sure you maintain rationality and stability regardless of market conditions.


There are several important considerations to keep in mind when developing your own trading strategy.


Elements of a trading strategy


One of the most important aspects of a trading strategy is defining the timeframe you will be using to trade. This really boils down to a variety of factors starting with your availability to trade throughout the day.


If you are someone with a tight sc