Capitalise.Ai: The Leading Tool For AI Investing

Trading involves many challenges such as fear, accuracy, uncertainty, and much more. What if traders could handle and overcome those factors using AI? is a user-friendly and code-free tool that uses automation to simplify trading processes and provide accessibility for all users. Their unique technology allows traders to translate their ideas into effective trading strategies, regardless of their technical background.  The main objective of automated trading is to execute trades with speed, precision, and consistency, which can be challenging for traders to achieve in such fast-paced markets.


Here are some of the main benefits that offers.


Eliminating Emotions


While executing trades, it reduces human emotion and bias by planning trades ahead of time, while automation takes care of the rest. Erasing emotions enhances risk assessment and risk management.



Speed and Accuracy


Trade orders will be executed as soon as the set conditions are met, triggering automatic trade execution without requiring any manual intervention.





Backtesting refers to testing a strategy or model based on historical data. Automated trading allows easy backtesting on actual quantifiable data to determine their effectiveness. This can help traders gain confidence by providing an understanding of how different strategy perform in different markets, and how certain strategies can be improved.



Building Strategies


Traders have the freedom to craft their own unique strategies while also exploring existing strategies, offering traders the ability to be creative and innovative.




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