Copy top traders with CFI Social Trading

Connect, copy, and capture market opportunities alongside expert traders.

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They trade, you benefit

Replicate the performance of top traders, ranked by their past results. Or become a strategy provider on the platform and earn from every new follower who copies your trades.


Empower your trades leveraging insights and strategies from expert investors.


Make better-informed decisions with access to each provider’s strategy, risk levels, and performance.


Diversify your portfolio with multiple strategies and manage risk according to your requirements. 

Why CFI Social Trading?

Join the community

CFI Social Trading brings you access to a community of expert traders and investors.

Copy the best

Our platform lists hundreds of top-rated traders, letting you choose only from the best.

Access advanced technology

Powered by HokoCloud, CFI Social Trading features leading tools and technology.

Stay in control

Manage your risk effectively and stay in full control over your funds and accounts.

Start trading now

Invest like the best

CFI Social Trading allows you to invest in the strategies of successful traders from around the world. Simply connect your MT4/MT5 account, choose a strategy provider, and have their trades automatically replicated on your account.

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How to start

Create or log in to your CFI account

You can register here. Signing up takes less than 3 minutes.

Create your account on HokoCloud

Click here to register with CFI on HokoCloud.

Connect your MT4/MT5 account

Once connected, you’re all set to start copying the experts!

Social trading FAQ

Have questions? Check our FAQ below. For more help, please contact our support team.

What is social trading?

Social trading is an approach that allows traders to observe and replicate the trades of expert investors. It combines social networking and trading, enabling users to follow, copy, and learn from top-performing traders' strategies and insights.

What are the costs associated with HokoCloud?

While CFI does not charge anything related to HokoCloud services, HokoCloud charges $15 per month as a subscription fee per account and an additional $1 per lot traded.

How many strategy providers are listed on CFI Social Trading?

CFI Social Trading features hundreds of traders and diverse strategies for you to choose from and copy.

What information should I consider when choosing a strategy provider?

When choosing a strategy provider, you should consider their detailed strategy, risk levels, past performance, and average returns. Additionally, review the trading instruments their strategy focuses on. All these factors will help you select the right strategy provider to copy.