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TipRanks lets you access institutional-level data on thousands of companies, empowering you to find top, market-beating stocks.


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Think like Wall Street’s top analysts

Analyst ratings

Discover which stocks analysts are currently buying, selling and holding.

Current sentiment

See how bullish or bearish the overall consensus looks for specific stocks.

Price targets

Uncover the market’s long-term confidence with 12-month stock price targets.

Stock filtering

Customize your insights and filter stocks by country, rating, sector, or market cap.

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TipRanks FAQs

Have questions? Check our FAQ below. For more help, please contact our support team.

What is TipRanks?

TipRanks is a leading stock research tool, leveraging large volumes of data to offer insights into analyst ratings and financial bloggers' opinions to help investors make better-informed investing decisions.

Can I see the analysts behind each stock rating on TipRanks?

Yes, below each stock's analyst consensus and price target, you can find each analyst who contributed to the overall rating, along with their ranking on TipRanks and their individual sentiment on the company.

How can I filter stocks on TipRanks?

You can filter stocks at the top of the plugin page by best and worst-rated, market cap, sector, time and country.

Is there any cost to access TipRanks with CFI?

No, you can access TipRanks with CFI on MetaTrader 5 for free.