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Maximize your earnings and receive up to 4.9% interest on the uninvested funds in your trading account.

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Earn more from your investments

With CFI, you can earn more from your investments thanks to our competitive interest rates. No hidden fees, no minimum balances, no reason to wait!


Interest earning tiers

Calculate your potential returns based on our interest-earning tiers.

Initial Deposit
Earn Interest
$1,000 to $100,000
$100,000 to $1,000,000
$1000,000 and above

The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is a variable rate and may change at any time. Interest plans are only available upon request and subject to approval. The second and third paid plans are reserved for active accounts. CFI also reserves the right to disqualify certain accounts.

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Earn interest FAQs

How do I earn interest on my non-invested account balances?

You first need to apply on the CFI Portal. Once approved, you can earn interest on your non-invested account balances by simply keeping the minimum amount of uninvested funds in your CFI account. The interest is automatically calculated and credited to your account based on the balance and applicable interest rate.

What is the interest rate for non-invested balances?

CFI offers an interest rate of up to 4.9% on non-invested account balances. The exact rate may vary depending on market conditions and specific account terms.

Is there a minimum balance required to earn interest?

Yes, there may be a minimum balance requirement to qualify for interest earnings. Please check the terms and conditions of your CFI account or contact customer support for specific details.

How is the interest calculated and paid?

Interest is calculated according to the end of day free margin amount. The amount is calculated daily and settled weekly, usually within seven business days of the end of each week.