Critical Tests For Financial Markets In December

The events of November focused on Coronavirus in China, following up the expectations of the global economy, and evaluating a group of economic data and its

impact on expectations of raising interest rates by central banks. The statements of the President of the European Central Bank, the report of the International

Monetary Fund, and the minutes of the US Federal meeting topped the headlines, and they all agreed that the risk of recession is increasing, especially after

economic data showed a slowdown in the global economy, supported by slight growth in production and spending while continuing concerns about the prospects for political developments.

While Investors will focus during December trading, the last month of this year, to find out any signals from the Federal Reserve about the final interest rate, which it

considers necessary for a decline in inflation towards the target levels at 2%, noting that the Federal Reserve has indicated that the final interest rate will be higher

than previous expectations, which It was referring to interest between 4.5 and 5%.


Oil investors will also focus on the decisions of OPEC and its allies at their next meeting and whether there will be an additional cut in production, especially after oil

prices fell earlier towards their lowest levels since November 2021, with a decline of more than 30% since the peak of prices recorded last March.


The upcoming period seems to be important and will have a significant impact on the movement of the Financial Markets for the following reasons:

  • Conflicting consumer expectations as to whether inflation will continue to slow down or if it may start to rise again.
  • There are no confirmed indicators so far indicating that the recent rise in stock market indices is continuing or that it was just a corrective rebound.
  • The importance of decisions that will be taken by members of OPEC about the upcoming production policy and its impact on oil prices.
  • The increase of the risk for the federal reserve at a time when the signs of the recession began to become more clear.

The most important upcoming dates for December:

Important trading dates for December

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