Guide To Getting Started In Forex And CFDs Trading

If you have wandered across a TV station showing the latest prices of different stocks or saw a friend trading currencies through an app on his phone, you must have wondered what it is all about. Nowadays, trading is more popular than ever and with the advent of technology, opening a risk-free demo account or a live account with real money invested is a quick and easy matter.
A bit of Trading history
A few decades ago, online trading did not exist and the general idea of trading any market was arduous and selectively available. It required large sums of money and continuous phone calls to a broker at a main investment or commercial bank who in turn, would facilitate your transactions for a hefty fee. Fast forward to the 90s and 2000s and online trading became reality and with time, a major hit among those who needed to access thousands of instruments present across the different markets.
For starters, this meant no more paper trading, which was writing down your trades and following the markets as part of your learning curve, and instead, demo accounts were introduced with zero risk and virtual funds. Also, traders could buy and sell as they please without having to call someone to facilitate those transactions. Lastly, and with the introduction of faster, more powerful, and highly optimized trading infrastructures, commissions were a thing of the past.
The education phase
The introduction of risk-free demo accounts meant that anyone can access the markets, trade with virtual funds, and experience the real behavior of the actual financial markets. At CFI, this is very easy to do and can be accomplished through the following steps:
1.Visit Our Website
2.Click on “Try Demo Account” in the top middle-right corner of the page
3.Fill out the necessary information and click submit
4.You will receive your username and password through the email that you used when filling out the form. Also, you will receive a link to download the platform
5.Download the platform and input your username and password and from there,you’re on your way to starting your journey and having access to over 5000 trading instruments using virtual funds
Graduating to a live trading account
Whether you’re a seasoned trader with years of experience and a thought-out approach to the markets or someone who has been trading on a demo account and slowly gaining the necessary knowledge to start investing real money, we have made the process of opening a real account a very straightforward one.
1.Visit Our Website
2.Click on “Start Trading now” in the top middle-right corner of the page
3.Fill out the necessary information and click next until you reach the end of the application
4.Attach the necessary documents along the way and submit your application when done
5.After you submit your application, one of our account managers will get in touch with you to guide you through the rest of the process and any other questions you may have related to trading and your account.
6.You will receive your Metatrader 5 username and password through email. Also, you will receive a link to download the platform
7.You will also receive another email with instructions on how to deposit and withdraw funds
8.Proceed with the deposit method that suits you best
9.Download the platform and input your username and password and once logged in, you should see your money reflected under your account
The entire process is highly intuitive and fast and requires minimum effort towards having your account up and running.
World-class service from a multi-regulated provider
At CFI, and beyond the market access you receive, you will be trading on over 5000 trading instruments across different asset classes and under very competitive conditions including tight spreads and fast execution. Furthermore, you will get access to free daily webinars, an account manager who will guide you along the way and in anything you need, and a large number of resources including trading tools and daily market reports. All of this is under one main pretense: At CFI, you’re not just a number but a part of our Vision of becoming the go-to brand for all things investing and trading and our Mission of delivering with passion innovative and ultra-competitive trading services accessible to everyone.
Experience the CFI way now. Visit and you would have taken the first step towards your financial goals.
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