Stocks That May Benefit From AI

Artificial intelligence is a vast and rapidly expanding field. The goal is to train machines to learn and act like humans in order to complete tasks efficiently hopefully across all industries.

Artificial intelligence stocks are rarer than you might think. Many companies tout AI technology initiatives and machine learning. But there really are few public, pure-play AI stocks.

Artificial intelligence is used by businesses in two ways. Many technology companies use AI to improve the performance of their existing operations, such as robotics, self-driving cars, and virtual assistants while Some companies also profit directly from AI by selling hardware, software, services, or expertise that the technology needs.

These are stocks that could benefit a lot from AI:

  1. Nvidia (NVDA)

Nvidia, the world's leading graphics chip company, has benefited from the AI boom, with its graphics cards becoming the standard in data centers around the world. Nvidia provides software development tools to build artificial intelligence applications.


2- Amazon (AMZN)


Amazon now employs artificial intelligence in everything from Alexa, its industry-leading voice-activated technology, to Amazon Go cashier-less grocery stores and Amazon Web Services Sagemaker, a cloud infrastructure tool that deploys high-quality machine learning models for data scientists and developers.


3- Google (GOOG)

Google-parent Alphabet (GOOGL) recently acquired Alter for $100 million, an AI avatar startup that enables brands and creators to express virtual identities.


4- Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft Corp. is investing $10 billion in OpenAI, whose artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT has lit up the internet since its introduction in November. Microsoft earlier this month said it planned to add ChatGPT to Azure and announced the broad availability of its Azure OpenAI Service


5- Palantir Technologies Inc. (PLTR)

PLTR a leading builder of operating systems for the modern enterprise, today announced it was ranked the No. 1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) software platform both in 2021 market share and revenue, according to the IDC



6- IBM

IBM's AI strategy is to use the technology to augment human intelligence, increase efficiency, or lower costs. IBM's AI technology is being used in the healthcare industry to create individualized care plans, accelerate the process of bringing new drugs to market, and improve care quality. IBM is using AI to assist clients with the daunting task of financial regulatory compliance in the financial services industry, thanks to the company's 2016 acquisition of Promontory Financial Group.



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