What to Watch Across Markets This Week – 22nd January 2024

The week ahead is filled with significant news and key announcements that could potentially shift the global markets.


From Tuesday, January 23 to Thursday, January 25, the Bank of Japan (BOJ), the Bank of Canada (BOC), and the European Central Bank (ECB) are set to release their latest interest rate decisions. Market expectations point toward these central banks holding rates steady at their current rates of -0.10%, 5.00%, and 4.50%, respectively.


On Wednesday, January 24, S&P Global is anticipated to release both the Flash Manufacturing and Flash Services PMI for Europe, the UK, and the U.S. The release schedule starts with Europe at 1:00 PM, followed by the UK at 1:30 PM, and concluding with the U.S. at 6:45 PM, GMT+4 (Dubai Time).


On Thursday, January 25, the durable goods orders m/m data in the U.S. is scheduled to be released by the Census Bureau at 5:30 PM, GMT+4 (Dubai Time).


Friday, January 26, holds U.S. Core PCE Price Index m/m data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis at 5:30 PM, GMT+4 (Dubai Time).


Earning releases to look out for this week:



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