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Using stock screeners

How to use a technical financial screener for stocks

Before the existence of financial data tool providers, and before retail traders were able to trade online; for a transaction in the financial markets to occur, there used to be a process that was dependent on human interaction. 


Dealers/Brokers used to contact potential investors in order to offer them different investment opportunities. These opportunities were filtered by analysts by skimming through multiple industries and using multiple analysis methods. 


Market participants in Wall Street would do this by filtering stocks and other financial instruments as they have the required knowledge and experience in building profitable portfolios.


Throughout the years, financial expansion occurred globally, whereby private companies went public for the purpose of raising capital at fast rates. Between (Figure 1) the year 2000 and 2022, the markets witnessed approximately 5,881 IPOs.

Annual IPOs, 2000-2022

Figure 1: : Annual IPOs, 2000-2022”

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Consequently, technology has also vastly developed allowing everyone to be active market participants, whereby, they can make investment decisions by themselves.


The ability to acquire information about stocks for example can be processed by utilizing referenced financial websites, and by complex tools and indicators to show us the best opportunity in the market.


Currently, we are able to analyze financial instruments more efficiently, by accessing financial screeners which have a goliath of data on board from various data providers, which can be used to conduct more effective trades.